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Foundation Insulation (ground)

Fundamentdämmung  To protect a building from the cold, it's best to install XPS insulation, where contact to the cold surface is greatest, at the foundations.

The provisions relating to thermal contact with soil walls and floors are the same as the exterior walls, i.e. at about U (k) = 0.40. For low energy houses there is a recommended insulation thickness of at least 100 mm, 200 mm for passive houses.

Through numerous possible thermal bridges in this area, optimum heat insulation by XPS is possible with Austrotherm XPS TOP 30. For special applications use Austrotherm XPS TOP 50.

Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe Austrotherm TOP 30 SF
Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe Austrotherm TOP 50 SF

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