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Thermal Refurbishment

Austrotherm: Specialist for thermal remediation

Pensionistenheim Weiz  The thermal insulation of buildings is an important step towards saving heating energy and reducing harmful CO² emissions: With the thermal rehabilitation of existing buildings, up to 85% of current heating costs can be saved. Thermal remediation not only positively affects the climate –it is also a major driver in the construction industry. Targeted thermal insulation is an effective and ideal way to reduce energy prices, dependence on foreign energy suppliers and the impact of the economic crisis.

The right brand for thermal remediation AUSTROTHERM:
The specialist for successful insulation solutions has developed Austrotherm EPS-PLUS, the perfect products for the comprehensive thermal insulation of buildings. The grey Austrotherm PLUS EPS insulation boards are extremely heat-insulating, sound-absorbing, dimensionally stable and easily processed. A pleasant atmosphere for home owners: In winter the walls stay warm, in summer the thermal insulation acts as air conditioning.

Heating cost savings of up to 85 percent

An excellent example of thermal redevelopment is the senior citizens residence in Weiz, Styria. Thermal bridges were selectively removed, and 1300 square meters of facade on the top floor ceiling and the basement using Austrotherm EPS PLUS insulation boards were mounted. The result is truly sensational: passive house standard with a reduction of heat demand by 85% and a new, pleasant living environment - thanks to Austrotherm outstanding product quality.

Wohnhausanlage Robert Blum Gasse  Reconstruction of old facades using facade profiles

Also buildings from earlier centuries with molded facades - old stucco facades - can be restored with the help of external insulation. Upon request Austrotherm can rebuild these old facade profiles. This is what happened in the renovation of a residential building in the Robert-Blum Street in Vienna. Austrotherm replicated and remodeled the old and in many parts damaged facade profile.

Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe Austrotherm EPS F-PLUS Fassadendämmplatte with 23 % better insulating value
Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe Austrotherm EPS W 25-PLUS (Attic Insulation)
Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe Austrotherm EPS W 30-PLUS
Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe Austrotherm Fassadenprofile

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