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Why insulate?

Good insulation from cellar to roof pays off. Seven reasons for perfect insulation:

1. Saving energy costs

Over 70% heat is lost through roofs, cellars and facades. With Austrotherm thermal insulation you will save enormously on heating costs year for year. The amortization for insulating materials averages (according to grants) one to eight years. For redeveloping to a low-energy house level over the long term up to 85% of heating costs can be saved. With this in mind it’s then easy to fund an extra holiday!

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2. Comfortable living

Warum dämmen - behaglich wohnenInterior and wall coating is important to ensure perfect comfort in your own four walls, as well as air temperature, the temperature of the surrounding area (radiation-temperature) and, last but not least room humidity.

During the cold season of the year, in an older un-insulated house there can enormous differences between the air-temperature of the internal and external walls. Then the cold can radiate into the room although all windows are tight.

An Austrotherm insulated house significantly improves the indoor climate - in summer and in winter! and with professional insulation and ventilation the health risk from mold is minimized.

3. Climate protection

Domestic heating (heating) is responsible for one third of the hostile climate CO² emissions. Through a comprehensive thermal insulation of new and old buildings (thermal insulation) with Austrotherm this can be minimized. Thus, the greenhouse effect is being fought - what's good for the climate.

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4. Guaranteed value

Your own four walls are one of the most important aims in life. Land and home ownership especially in these insecure economic times is considered a valuable basis of life. Thanks to thermal insulation, house values can increase. Against the background of exploding energy costs a redevelopment by insulating the facade, roof, and ceiling of a house belongs to one of the most important measures for assuring long-term value. The required energy-ID for buildings is based on the colours-system as on fridges.

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5. Becoming independent of insecure energy providers

The gas crisis between Russia and Ukraine has shown that there is no guarantee of energy supplies. Thermal insulation gives a kind of immunity towards these kinds of energy providers.
Austrotherm insulating material accomplishes long term independency from unreliable energy sources.

6. Cash loans and grants

A modicum of thermal insulation is officially required by most Austrian states and also in Germany and Switzerland. Better insulation- for example on low-energy houses, passive-houses or thermal redevelopment is usually financially supported.

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7. Even in summer comfortably cool

Professional insulation keeps you warm in winter, but conversely cool in summer thanks to the prevention of warm air from outside travelling through the structure into the house interior.

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