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Heat insulation is climate protection

Wärmedämmung ist KlimaschutzGlobal warming poses an increasingly greater threat: climate models predict a rise of global temperatures of up to 3.5 °C by the year 2010? if greenhouse gas emissions remain at the present level. This has devastating effects on ecosystems and living conditions,disasters, wars and refugee movements not excluded. It is time to act!

Austria uses over a third of its total energy consumption for room heating and hot water alone. Room heating is a major cause of harmful CO2 emissions. Here the potential for climate protection is particularly great.

Insulation materials spare the environment - against the greenhouse effect

Reducing energy demands is the need of the hour! A key approach is the thermal rehabilitation of old buildings. An old building saved and restored to passive-house level saves over 90% energy! An essential component of thermal remediation is the thermal insulation of the façade, the roof and the basement below.

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