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Austrotherm Thermal Insulation leaves no one cold.

Austrotherm GmbH WopfingAustrotherm is the specialist for premium quality and future-oriented thermal- and noise-insulating products in Middle- and Eastern-Europe. As a designated and in many areas the only Austrian producer of EPS- and XPS-insulating materials, facade elements and interior-sanitary-construction products (panels) with continuing attention to quality- and innovation policy.

Austrotherm is the insulation trailblazer in Austria. The company was founded in 1953 by Oswald Nowotny, who was the first producer of thermal insulation in Austria. The Austrotherm-group consists of companies in 10 countries with 18 production sites and belongs, along with Baumit (facade, plasters, screeds) and Murexin (construction chemistry), to Schmid-Industrie-Holding.

Shortly after the opening of Eastern Europe, Austrotherm was one of the first companies on the building market. Qualitative thermal insulation to support energy cost reduction had become an increasingly important factor there.Thanks to premium thermal insulation Austrotherm delivers a major contribution to the improvement of living standards.

Energy saving, thermal insulation from cellar to roof

In all areas Austrotherm offers the optimal insulation solution: for foundations, cellars, perimeter walls and dado areas. Ceiling- and impact noise insulation for interiors, as heat bridge insulation, for walls, and for flat and pitched roofs.

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Products: EPS - Styropor, XPS, Fassadenprofile, UNIPLATTE, PE-Foamfoil

EPS (expanded Polystyrol, Styropor) is a long established insulation material, which offers thermal insulation for roofs, ceilings, floors, in housing development and for industrial buildings.

The pink XPS (extruded Polystyrol, Extruderfoam) is particularly important where extreme moisture and compressive load makes extremely high demands on insulation material.

Austrotherm Fassadenprofile smartens up a house. Austrotherm UNIPPLATTEN are panels for use in sanitary-, wet- and interior construction. The Austrotherm PE-Foamfoil is an all-rounder for impact noise and thermal insulation, and concealed even used as a moisture barrier.

Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe Products

Austrotherm. Leaves no one cold.

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