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Quality Philosophy

The quality of our products and services is the basis of our customer satisfaction; it is therefore our most important success factor and strongly influences the image of our company.

Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe According to present quality policy, the board of directors requires that all members meet  the agreed quality requirements, specifically towards customers, but also in relation to  laws, standards, etc. which are set out as well as internal standards. This can only be
 correctly and economically achieved, if all levels of conscious and planned design  measures are implemented and continuously improved.
 The responsibility in this regard must be appropriate to the work area – and be taken over  by all employees up to management level. Accordingly, the board assumes the  responsibility to introduce and maintain  a quality management system based on the  international standard number ÖNORM EN ISO 9000 ff

According to this quality policy, our parent company is based on the following quality objectives:

Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe Ensuring and improving customer satisfaction
Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe Protection of market position
Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe Continuous product innovation
Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe Within the sense of company quality policy each of our employees is committed to act according to 
    the following categories;


In the adherence to all of these quality objectives we see an important pre-requisite for the long-term security of our company.

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