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The support of charity facilities and friendly societies is important to us. We especially support youth-projects such as the BTTA Youth Trial Team.

BTTA Trial BTTA (Trial) 
The MSC BTTA is exclusively for trial sports, and particularly in connection with adolescent education and youth promotion. NEW: Kids aged 4+ can practice on OSET-E-Bikes. The MSC BTTA provides a fantastic training and entertainment centre which can offer everything from Newbie to Pro´s!
Training is on Saturday from 10:00am to 17:00pm.
Feel free to participate! Info:
BTTA Trial SC Magna Wiener Neustadt (Soccer)
Austrotherm sponsors the Bundesliga-Club FC Magna Wiener Neustadt. Here, promotion of a regional club with nationwide presence has succeeded and Wiener Neustadt has become recognized as the geographical interface of the three Austrotherm locations; Pinkafeld, Purbach and Wopfing.

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