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Austrotherm XPS - extruded polystyrene foam

Austrotherm XPS – Extrudiertes Polystyol

The pink insulation board provides energy savings, thermal insulation, from the basement to the roof. Just where extreme pressure and moisture stress, particularly high demands on the insulation materials, the extruded polystyrene (Short form XPS, named after extruded polystyrene foam) is the ideal solution for numerous applications. Such as perimeter and base insulation, flat roof insulation, insulation under the soil plate, in wet areas, etc.

Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe  Austrotherm XPS TOP 30 SF (with shiplap)  
Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe  Austrotherm XPS TOP 30 TB SF
Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe  Austrotherm XPS TOP 30 GK (straight edge)
Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe  Austrotherm XPS TOP 50 SF (high pressure load, shiplap)
Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe  Austrotherm XPS TOP 70 SF (highest pressure load , shiplap)
Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe  Austrotherm Foundation (sill plate) Insulation System
Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe  Austrotherm XPS TOP P GK (embossed surface, straight edge)
Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe  Austrotherm XPS TOP P TB GK
Austrotherm EPS, XPS, Dämmstoffe  Austrotherm Universal Construction Board (Seperation layer 20 mm)



Austrotherm XPS - Anwendungsbereiche

8 reasons for Austrotherm XPS

Austrotherm XPS – Extrudiertes Polystyol The excellent thermal insulation: XPS insulating panels not only reduce the heating costs, they protect the environment as well. To be able to meet the high requirements for thermal protection.

The high mechanical strength: The high mechanical strength of XPS panels, especially the compressive strength is needed all around there, where high loads. For example, in parking decks, highly polluted industrial soils.

The closed cell structure: XPS has, in contrast to most other insulating materials a substantially closed cell structure. Thus a water absorption of the insulation when used correctly is almost impossible.

Regardless of weather:
The weather independence is ensured, by the high freeze-thaw resistance. Extreme humidity conditions are no problem for XPS insulation boards.

The simple processing: the very low weight (density 30-45 kg / m³) and the easy divisibility ensure easy to handle and process this insulation material.

The hard burning insulation board: Of course XPS is hard burning (B1 according to ÖNORM and DIN) and meets all the requirements of the relevant product standard.

The excellent resistance to aging: essential for every application is slow aging and rotting. Extruded polystyrene insulation boards are proven already due to decades-long experience without any problems.

The high environmental friendly impact of Austrotherm XPS TOP: Finally, the environment is protected due lower heating energy use and recyclability. Furthermore, from the excellent thermal insulating properties, harmful emissions are reduced significantly.

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